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What It's Like To Have A Hair Transplant - Jonathan's Journey

Posted by DHI Australia on December 16, 2019

What It's Like To Have A Hair Transplant - Jonathan's JourneyWhy do people choose to have a hair transplant? Why do people tattoo their skin or choose to wear the clothes that they wear? Although there are infinite possible answers to these questions, many of the answers will relate to self-confidence, self-expression, how people want to be perceived, and their own unique style.

DHI patient Jonathan, had his microsurgery procedure 12 months ago. We are going to share with you Jonathan’s journey, why he decided to have a hair transplant, what it was like before, during and the result, 12 months later.


Why Have A Hair Transplant?

We asked Jonathan why he decided to have a hair transplant. He opened up by saying,

“I always felt conscious of my hair, was it sitting right. I tried different hair styles to try and hide my receding hairline. When I had it shaved, people assumed I was bald, when I grew it longer, I spent a lot of time checking my hair to make sure it looked ok and that it covered the receding areas.

I wanted to fix my receding hairline permanently, I didn’t want to take any medication or use any special shampoo. I like to style my hair short, so no noticeable scarring was also important. I wanted a really natural result and I had seen great before and after photos from DHI Australia.”


What Was It Like?

We asked Jonathan to summarise what it was like for him, having a hair transplant.

“It was no fuss, the day went better than expected. I was a bit nervous going into the clinic, but as soon as I met with the doctor I felt better. He was so relaxed and confident, he put me at ease.

Apart from the initial needle prick to numb my scalp, I didn’t feel anything for the whole day. I didn’t even need to take any pain medication that night. I had my procedure done on a Friday and was back at work early the next week.”


Click here to watch Jonathan's before and during recovery videos.

Jonathan's Hair Transplant Journey Videos


Why Did You Choose DHI?

Jonathan shared with us why he chose DHI.

“The most important thing for me was making sure I was going to get a great result and I only wanted to have it done once, so I wanted it done right. After looking into multiple clinics, DHI came out on top. DHI were the only clinic that guarantee natural results. A doctor completed my entire procedure in one day.”


How Do You Feel 12 Months After?

“I don’t have to think about my hair anymore, I can style it exactly how I want. I have a better hairline than I did when I was 20! When I show people my ‘before’ photo now, they are genuinely shocked.”


Jonathan 12 Month Result


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