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Wasabi – A Cure For Hair Loss?

Posted by DHI Australia on December 12, 2018

Wasabi - A Cure For Hair Loss?The origin of the hair transplant dates back to the 19th century. It was in 1897 that Dr. Menahem Hodara for the first time transplanted hair taken from an area of the scalp to a bald area. Then in the 1930s, modern transplantation techniques emerged in Japan, initially to correct only the eyebrows. More recently, new discoveries have emerged in the field of baldness. It would seem that the famous wasabi, this ultra-hot green paste that accompanies sushi, has components promoting hair regrowth!


A miracle plant?

Researchers have found that the wasabi components, isosaponarin and 6-MSITC, stimulate the papilla cells to start making hair again. Unfortunately, there is no point loading up on sushi and using wasabi daily to enjoy the virtues of this plant as it’s supposed to be applied directly to the hair and not swallowed.

Many remedies already exist to fight hair loss, but Japanese researchers say that wasabi is three times more powerful than the commercially available products today. For the more adventurous, it would be a question of obtaining the famous green plant and grating it before applying the mixture on the scalp…


A better alternative

For those who prefer to choose a hair loss solution with proven, permanent and natural results, Direct Hair Implantation remains the best remedy. Life changing results can be achieved in a single day, with no detectable scarring and minimal downtime. Continue to eat sushi with wasabi if you like it hot and spicy, and trust DHI Australia to restore your hair.


Before & After DHI Microsurgery


Before & After DHI Microsurgery


Before & After DHI Microsurgery



DHI Microsurgery

100% natural results are guaranteed with the DHI technique. The angle and direction of the implanted hair (which is your own hair) blends seamlessly with the surrounding hair, or in the natural manner that your hair would normally grow. With the final result, the absence of any trace that a hair transplant procedure was performed means that your hairdresser or barber won’t even be able to tell. The DHI hair transplant technique is so delicate that some patients return to work the next day.

The revolutionary DHI microsurgery technique is the result of 48 years global experience in hair restoration. Book a consultation with a DHI hair restoration expert today.


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