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5 Ways To Conceal A Receding Hairline

Posted by DHI Australia on February 6, 2019

Some are born with it, but most notice it progresses with age; a receding or set-back hairline can really impact a man’s appearance, often adding years to perceived age. Let’s take the famous actor, Jude Law, for example. His hairline has made headlines for years. In 2013, his hair was noticeably sparse on top, but just a couple of years later, he sported a much denser do. Was it a hair transplant or just some clever hair dressing?

We share our top 5 tips to hide a receding hairline, and hopefully knock a few years off perceived age.

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How To Regrow Your Own Hair & Say Goodbye To The Hat

Posted by DHI Australia on October 14, 2018

If you’ve found yourself wearing a hat as often as you wear pants due to a lack of hair up top, you may be contemplating a solution that will give you the liberty to become hat-free. Forget shaving your head, wearing a wig and those dreadful hair plugs, think DHI microsurgery, where your barber won’t even be able to tell you’ve had a hair transplant or hairline redesign.

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What Makes Men Look Older? Thinning Hair vs Grey Hair

Posted by DHI Australia on September 18, 2018

An expanding waist line, wrinkles, thinning hair, grey hair and hair growing out of places it shouldn’t! Getting older throws us curve-balls from all directions. Thankfully, the world of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are now, more than ever before, tailored to men, gives us a realm of anti-ageing solutions to help keep our true age and our perceived age as far apart as possible. 

We are going to talk about thinning hair, receding hair lines and grey hair and just how much of an ageing effect they have.

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A Microsurgery Solution To Hair Loss

Posted by DHI Australia on August 3, 2018

In a similar way to when keyhole surgery was developed to offer patients a less invasive option and reduce recovery time, the microsurgery version of FUE is what now sets the benchmark for hair transplants. 

The DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation microsurgery hair transplant technique offers patients a comfortable procedure with minimal recovery time and 100% natural results as explained in detail below. 


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What Is DHT & What Is Its Role In Hair Loss?

Posted by DHI Australia on July 20, 2018

You may already know that DHT plays a role in hair loss, but what exactly is it? DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone and it is an androgen, or hormone, responsible for giving men their male characteristics, such as body hair, increased muscle mass and deeper voice. The 5a-reductase enzyme synthesises DHT from testosterone in areas such as the prostate and hair follicles. DHT is considered to be a contributor to male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia as it is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturise.

Treatments that block DHT may be able to prevent hair loss. For those already suffering from hair loss, a hairline redesign or hair transplant could be an option for a permanent solution rather than prevention.

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The Effect of Procrastination on Hair Loss Treatment

Posted by DHI Australia on March 9, 2018

If you are guilty of “sticking your head in the sand” when it comes to hair loss, you’re not alone. Many people hope for the best, wishing for the loss to be temporary. The Aussie way of, “She’ll be right mate” can come back to haunt you if one day you look at your balding reflection in the mirror and worry if you’ve left it too late. 

Putting off hair loss treatment means that when the day comes to face reality (that you may be going bald) and take action, you will have less hair to work with. For those who take action early, never going bald is an achievable goal. We discuss the impact of procrastination when it comes to treating hair loss and explain the options for hair loss prevention and treatment.

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How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Posted by DHI Australia on February 20, 2018

A key consideration for anything in life is, “How much does it cost?” The answer to this question is often so much more than just a number. It is an indicator for quality, experience, latest technology, desired results plus much more. With hindsight, we’ve probably all experienced the disappointment of a poor quality product or service because the cheapest price has been the deciding factor. Some of us have even felt the sting of having to pay twice, the first time for an inferior or poor quality product or service, and the second to fix up or replace it.

We explain the main components that make up cost in a hair transplant so you can decide for yourself what a hair transplant is worth. At the end of this article we will give you examples of DHI hair transplants and the cost for each procedure.

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My DHI Hair Transplant Journey: 6 Month Progress Report

Posted by DHI Australia on November 22, 2017

It’s now 6 months since my DHI hairline redesign and I feel like I’ve got the hairline back I had about 10 years ago! I love being able to style my hair the way I want to. You can see the difference it has made to my appearance in the pictures below.

Previously, when people said to me that their Direct Hair Implantation was life-changing, I couldn’t truly understand the magnitude of the feeling that they were trying to communicate. Now that I have first-hand experience, I completely understand the positive feeling you get. I’ll share with you a personal experience I recently had. But first, have a look at the 6 month progress video, where I share with you my tips and tricks on how I got such a great result in just 6 months.

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The Essential Parts To A Successful Hair Transplant

Posted by DHI Australia on November 8, 2017

You’re probably familiar with Aristotle’s quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This quote and the concept of synergy certainly holds true with Direct Hair Implantation. Essentially, the parts to a hair transplant include the hair, the hair follicle, the graft, the scalp (and of course the patient and a highly skilled hair restoration expert), however the true result means so much more.

The end product or “the whole” of a hair transplant or hairline redesign is not only the aesthetic outcome of the procedure, it can have a profound impact on a person. This solution for hair loss can result in improved self-esteem, greater confidence, a younger appearance and being able to style your hair the way you want to.

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How To Look Years Younger With Hairline Redesign

Posted by DHI Australia on September 27, 2017

The art of looking years younger than our true age can be effortless for some and sleep depriving for others. Do you have those mates who seem to just wake up, run their fingers through their hair, throw on some clothes and look like God’s gift? Do you find that no matter how you try to style your hair, your receding hairline seems to add years to your face?

The latest trend for men searching for youthful looks is hairline redesign. This straight-forward procedure brings your hairline forward to where it used to be, can be corrected to change any imperfections and will allow you to style your hair like you used to, before your hair started receding. We have found that this simple procedure has given hundreds of men back their confidence.

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