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How To Achieve The Perfect Beard

Posted by DHI Australia on May 25, 2018

A truly magnificent beard is the result of patience, self-restraint, styling and in some cases, a little help from science. Whether your facial hair is as robust as a hangover after your best mates stag do, or as sparse as NSW origin wins in the last decade, we give you our top tips on how to achieve the perfect beard.

Having a great beard is no accident, it takes effort, unless you're one of the lucky few who wake up looking resplendent everyday. It's not just about letting your facial hair grow wild, it's about caring for it too, and we describe how below. For anyone with patchy or sparse facial hair, we explain how to achieve an impressive beard with the help of facial hair implants, also known as beard restoration.

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10 Things You Should Know About Beards

Posted by DHI Australia on April 24, 2017

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, a man’s beard can arouse a multitude of emotions. Through decades of evolution, the beard has reflected certain perceptions…strength, wisdom, or status for example. It has been re-borne in many forms, from the Imperial to the Bandholz and everything in between. Beard trends have changed, but one thing is for sure, with magnificent facial hair comes great satisfaction. 

Whether you’re already a devoted beardsman, or you’re considering some new facial hair, these handy facts will keep you on top of your beard knowledge game.   

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Beard Transplants – Latest Trend Goes Global

Posted by DHI Australia on October 4, 2016

From New York to Berlin, Paris and London, the beard has become a global trend. And just like tattoos, it looks like they are here for the long-run. Forget Botox and liposuction, the new aesthetic trend is to be more “cool” and having a good beard certainly helps. It can be the cause of frustration with men who struggle to grow more than a few strands on their jawline, however there is a solution.

In this article we discuss one of the fastest growing aesthetic trends for men - beard transplants particularly in Melbourne.

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