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My DHI Hair Transplant Journey: 8 Week Progress Report

Posted by DHI Australia on July 14, 2017

My DHI Hair Transplant Journey: 8 Week Progress Report“Confidence is an incredibly powerful emotion.” Having confidence can mean the difference between landing that job or deal you have been working for. And first impressions count. Your hair style is one of the first things that people will see and make a judgement on. Being confident in your hair and being able to present an impeccable version of yourself can pay-off.

I’m Mikko and I am a Manager at DHI Australia. I got into the hair transplant industry because I wanted to be part of something that is very personal to someone. I have recently undergone a Direct Hair Implantation procedure to address my receding hairline and experience first-hand what the hundreds of patients that we have successfully treated have gone through.


My Progress Report

Before my DHI session, I felt nervous, but mainly excited. During the first couple of weeks I was really conscious about whether or not people would notice I had had a procedure done as there was some redness for the first week or so. In the first week the scabbing resolved. It took about 10 days for any signs of treatment to disappear, as my hair grew longer.

Now at 8 weeks, I can already start to style my hair like I used to. I can now understand how a hair transplant or hairline redesign can help you feel more confident, more powerful, more attractive.

“We don’t save people’s lives but we do change them.”

You can watch the video of my journey to 8 weeks by clicking on the video link below.



Full hair transplant results take up to a year to grow and are permanent thereafter. So there is still much more to come and my journey is to be continued.


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You can read my previous article here: Practice What You Preach: My DHI Hair Transplant Journey.


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Why Choose DHI?

1) Procedures are done by a DHI Certified Doctor, not technicians 

  • on-going training and certification through London Hair Restoration Academy ensures consistency and quality

2) Minimum handling of hair follicles results in high survival rate 

  • achieving constantly over 90% survival rate vs industry rates that fluctuate between 50-90%
  • less donor hairs needed
  • this is important as only the surviving hair is worth paying for 
3) Patented technique - the most delicate hair transplant method 
  • no scalpels 
  • no stitches 
  • virtually pain free 
  • no detectable scarring
  • short recovery time (you may even return to work the next day)

4) HypothermosolTM

  • While hair follicles are out of patients body, they are kept in special preservative solution (HypothermosolTM) that is commonly used in organ transplants. This is important for consistency in the hair survival rate from patient to patient.
  • DHI are the only hair restoration clinics in Australia that use HypothermosolTM in hair transplants. This sustains the survival rate of the hairs up to 100%.

5) Natural results GUARANTEED 

  • implantation of the hair follicles happens with a special tool, the DHI Implanter, which allows our specialist DHI doctor to control the angle, direction and depth of the implanted hair unlike any other technique.
  • your results are guaranteed to look natural


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