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Will A Tight Hat Make You Go Bald? Hair Loss Myths Busted

Posted by DHI Australia on January 30, 2018

Will wearing a hat too much suffocate your hair? Will too much stress make you go bald? Will not enough sleep make your hair go brittle? How can we sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to myths and facts around hair loss?

We call on the expertise of Paul Green, the Head of Hair Restoration and Trichologist at DHI Australia, in an interview with Better Living.

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Myths and Facts About Baldness and Hair Loss

Posted by DHI Australia on January 19, 2018
One of the biggest issues bald people face when trying to understand baldness is the endless list of myths, peculiar ideas and strange ‘cures’ that bounce around the internet and social media. From wearing a hat too tight to shampooing too often and the level of your testosterone, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s not.

For the answers, listen as DHI Australia head of hair restoration and Trichologist Paul Green talks about the myths and explains which are true and which are myth. Most importantly, Paul talks about what you need to do to prevent hair loss.

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Telogen Effluvium - What Is It, What Causes It & Solutions

Posted by DHI Australia on January 15, 2018

Leading trichologists (hair specialists) are seeing an increase in the frequency of reactive hair loss, also known as telogen effluvium. Thinning hair is a natural part of ageing, however younger people suffering from excessive shedding is becoming much more common. The excessive shedding occurs as a result of more follicles going into the telogen (resting) phase of the hair growth cycle, usually following some type of “shock” to the follicles.

As more and more consumers move towards narrower diets, and as social and professional stress levels seem to be greater than ever before, the frequency in the number of cases of thinning hair is increasing. We define telogen effluvium, explain its causes and how you can prevent and treat the condition.

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How Smoking Effects Hair Loss & Early Onset Of Balding

Posted by DHI Australia on December 18, 2017

You may be blaming your genes for going bald early, but could it be a reversible trigger? There are many temporary causes for hair loss that once improved or ceased can lead to your hair growth returning to normal.

Under normal circumstances, we all shed around 50-100 hairs a day as part of the usual hair growth and renewal cycle. In times of stress or when health is weakened, loss can accelerate and the normal hair growth cycle can be disrupted. We discuss the impact that smoking has on the hair growth and renewal cycle and what you can do if you are unsure of the cause of your onset of balding.


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The Most Advanced Hair Transplants Coming To Melbourne

Posted by DHI Australia on December 4, 2017

We are proud to announce that DHI is coming to Melbourne. DHI offer cutting-edge technology in hair restoration and guarantee 100% natural results. DHI pride themselves on having the highest standards, minimally invasive procedures and consistently excellent results by routinely achieving over 90% survival rates.

For people in Melbourne who are suffering from hair loss, the good news is that there's a new DHI clinic coming in 2018 with consultations starting in the new year.

book a Sydney direct hair transplant consultation - get personalised information for your hairloss


This article explains the DHI difference and the qualities that put them at the forefront of the hair transplant and hair restoration industry. 

The DHI difference can provide a natural, permanent solution to your hair loss with no surgery, no scalpels, no scars and internationally trained and certified doctors. DHI have the most minimally invasive procedure, performed only by highly trained and certified DHI doctors in Melbourne. 

Download your consumer guide to hair loss and hair transplant Sydney

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My DHI Hair Transplant Journey: 6 Month Progress Report

Posted by DHI Australia on November 22, 2017

It’s now 6 months since my DHI hairline redesign and I feel like I’ve got the hairline back I had about 10 years ago! I love being able to style my hair the way I want to. You can see the difference it has made to my appearance in the pictures below.

Previously, when people said to me that their Direct Hair Implantation was life-changing, I couldn’t truly understand the magnitude of the feeling that they were trying to communicate. Now that I have first-hand experience, I completely understand the positive feeling you get. I’ll share with you a personal experience I recently had. But first, have a look at the 6 month progress video, where I share with you my tips and tricks on how I got such a great result in just 6 months.

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The Essential Parts To A Successful Hair Transplant

Posted by DHI Australia on November 8, 2017

You’re probably familiar with Aristotle’s quote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This quote and the concept of synergy certainly holds true with Direct Hair Implantation. Essentially, the parts to a hair transplant include the hair, the hair follicle, the graft, the scalp (and of course the patient and a highly skilled hair restoration expert), however the true result means so much more.

The end product or “the whole” of a hair transplant or hairline redesign is not only the aesthetic outcome of the procedure, it can have a profound impact on a person. This solution for hair loss can result in improved self-esteem, greater confidence, a younger appearance and being able to style your hair the way you want to.

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Understanding Women’s Hair Loss & Solutions

Posted by DHI Australia on October 24, 2017

When you have great hair, you tend to have that extra bounce in your step and feel good about yourself. Many women are proactive when it comes to health, beauty and appearance and are likely to notice excess hair loss at an early stage. Losing your hair is disheartening, particularly if you’ve spent your life taking good care of yourself, eating right, exercising and nourishing your skin and hair.

Despite hair loss being a predominantly male related issue, many women, particularly those over the age of 50, suffer from thinning hair. However, it’s not only this age group that sees the impact of loss of hair, it occurs with a relatively high frequency in women who are younger, even women in their twenties and thirties can face thinning hair issues.

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What Type Of Hair Loss Do I Have?

Posted by DHI Australia on October 10, 2017

When losing your hair becomes a daily worry, the first response many people have is to run to their local chemist and throw away good money on a product that may not be suited to the actual hair loss type that they are suffering from. Before you start to address your hair loss with any form of treatment, it’s important to speak to a hair loss specialist first. The medical team at DHI Global have nearly 50 years of expertise in the hair loss and hair restoration industry.

In this article, we discuss the various types of hair loss, what to look out for and how you can slow down, and in some cases even stop hair loss.

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How To Look Years Younger With Hairline Redesign

Posted by DHI Australia on September 27, 2017

The art of looking years younger than our true age can be effortless for some and sleep depriving for others. Do you have those mates who seem to just wake up, run their fingers through their hair, throw on some clothes and look like God’s gift? Do you find that no matter how you try to style your hair, your receding hairline seems to add years to your face?

The latest trend for men searching for youthful looks is hairline redesign. This straight-forward procedure brings your hairline forward to where it used to be, can be corrected to change any imperfections and will allow you to style your hair like you used to, before your hair started receding. We have found that this simple procedure has given hundreds of men back their confidence.

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