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What Type Of Hair Loss Do I Have?

October 10, 2017

When losing your hair becomes a daily worry, the first response many people have is to run to their local chemist and throw away good money on a product that may not be suited to the actual hair loss type that they are suffering from. Before you start to address your hair loss with any form of treatment, it’s important to speak to a hair loss specialist first. The medical team at DHI Global have nearly 50 years of expertise in the hair loss and hair restoration industry.

In this article, we discuss the various types of hair loss, what to look out for and how you can slow down, and in some cases even stop hair loss.

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How To Look Years Younger With Hairline Redesign

September 27, 2017

The art of looking years younger than our true age can be effortless for some and sleep depriving for others. Do you have those mates who seem to just wake up, run their fingers through their hair, throw on some clothes and look like God’s gift? Do you find that no matter how you try to style your hair, your receding hairline seems to add years to your face?

The latest trend for men searching for youthful looks is hairline redesign. This straight-forward procedure brings your hairline forward to where it used to be, can be corrected to change any imperfections and will allow you to style your hair like you used to, before your hair started receding. We have found that this simple procedure has given hundreds of men back their confidence.

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Classifying Hair Loss - What Is My Norwood Class?

September 7, 2017

To get anywhere, you need to have a starting point. With hair loss or male pattern baldness, to “grade” that starting (or reference) point, we use the Norwood system of classification. The same classification system can be used to track the progression of hair loss. Understanding the current extent of loss as well as the pattern to which the balding is likely to follow is essential when looking at treatment options. Importantly, it can be used by doctors to document a foundation and then monitor and evaluate treatment outcomes.

We explain each class in the Norwood classification system below. To get a correct diagnosis for your hair loss, it is imperative to see a hair restoration expert. Only then will you have the right information to decide on your path for successful hair loss treatment.

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How To Break The Balding Process Before You Go Bald

August 23, 2017

“Genetic baldness cannot be treated.” – Wrong! With modern advances in hair restoration, going bald is now a choice. If you’ve got an image of a really bad hair piece in your mind, forget it! These days, you can choose from 100% natural treatment options – nothing artificial – no drugs, no wigs, no chemicals and no daily duties, just 100% natural looking results!

One natural alternative to taking pills or using lotions daily to control your loss of hair is Growth Factor Therapy, another option is a hair transplant. Growth Factor Therapy for hair loss is a type of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment that uses your own cells to stimulate hair growth.

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5 Reasons Why Men Start Balding Before Their 40th

August 9, 2017

Noticeable hair loss can occasionally start in your teens, but what may shock you is that a whopping 55% of men at 40 years of age will have noticeable signs of hair loss or male pattern baldness. So is it you or the guy next to you? Many men don’t even realise just how visible their hair loss is as it often starts in the crown area which is difficult to see properly when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Find out the top reasons why men start to see thinning hair at an early age and what can be done about it.

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My DHI Hair Transplant Journey: 8 Week Progress Report

July 14, 2017

“Confidence is an incredibly powerful emotion.” Having confidence can mean the difference between landing that job or deal you have been working for. And first impressions count. Your hair style is one of the first things that people will see and make a judgement on. Being confident in your hair and being able to present an impeccable version of yourself can pay-off.

I’m Mikko and I am a Manager at DHI Australia. I got into the hair transplant industry because I wanted to be part of something that is very personal to someone. I have recently undergone a Direct Hair Implantation procedure to address my receding hairline and experience first-hand what the hundreds of patients that we have successfully treated have gone through.

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Famous Men Who Have More Hair Now Than They Used To

July 7, 2017

With fame and fortune also comes the burden of trying to defy the ageing process within the public eye. For wrinkles, there’s injectables, fillers, laser and skin needling treatments. For body, there’s surgical and non-surgical options to help keep trim and toned. But what about hair? Hair loss treatments include medication, shampoos / lotions, a hair piece, PRP treatment or hair transplant. 

55% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 40. Celebrities often keep their beauty and aesthetic regimes under lock and key so it’s anyone's guess at what they have really done to achieve their current hair styles. Which of the celebrities below do you think may have had hair loss treatment?

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Hair Transplant Diary – Month 4, Hair Transplant 2

June 23, 2017

Back in February of this year we wrote an article on Ryan, a man who has had his second hair transplant with DHI Australia and who is documenting his progress in his “Hair Transplant Diary”. In February, it was week one of transplant two for Ryan, now he is at month four and you can read about his progress below. 

Ryan openly illustrates what to expect at month 4, post-transplant. You can see the difference in his month 3 before and after photos in this article.

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FUT, FUE, DHI - Hair Transplant Differences Explained

June 8, 2017

Thinning hair can have such an impact on a person, it can cause stress, anxiety and loss of self esteem, making you feel like you’d do anything to remedy the situation. Making a rash decision on a hair transplant can have diabolical consequences for a number of reasons. Firstly, the result can be unnatural looking, you may have a low follicle survival rate and worse still, so much damage can be done to the donor area that corrective surgery may not be a possibility. 

Making the right decision on your hair transplant provider from the beginning is so important – to get a natural looking result and to protect the donor area from trauma. In this article we explain the difference between FUT, FUE and the DHI methods and why DHI stand head and shoulders above the industry in terms of process, quality and results.

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Practice What You Preach: My DHI Hair Transplant Journey

May 10, 2017

Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow is the day of my DHI hair transplant. Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Mikko and I am a Manager at DHI Australia. So, why am I having a hair transplant? Recently my father has started to comment how my face gets longer every time we meet. 😉

Also many of my customers ask me, “Have you had a hair transplant procedure yourself?” Until now, my answer has been, “I haven’t needed it so far”. However, as I am getting older, things have changed and my hair doesn’t look the same as it used to. 

Now I have decided to “practice what I preach” and have a DHI Direct Hair Implantation procedure. I will have my hairline re-designed. Over the past week I have been feeling excited as well as a little bit nervous even though I know what to expect and I know what the results will be.

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