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Cheap Hair Transplant Clinics Can't Compete With Overseas

October 12, 2016

When comparing hair transplant options, people often put price as the priority, even at the risk of their health. In this article, we look at why some lower end Australian clinics are panicking with the competition offered from overseas clinics.

Investing in your hair with a hair transplant requires a lot of research. Not only so you can get the best deal, but also for the type of transplant you want - FUT, FUE or DHI, and one that is going to give you the best result - minimised pain, no scars and a natural looking result that you can be happy with for the rest of your life.

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Beard Transplants – Latest Trend Goes Global

October 4, 2016

From New York to Berlin, Paris and London, the beard has become a global trend. And just like tattoos, it looks like they are here for the long-run. Forget Botox and liposuction, the new aesthetic trend is to be more “cool” and having a good beard certainly helps. It can be the cause of frustration with men who struggle to grow more than a few strands on their jawline, however there is a solution.

In this article we discuss one of the fastest growing aesthetic trends for men - beard transplants.

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How To Change A Receding Hair Line

September 28, 2016

When meeting new people, your hair line plays a part in the initial impression someone gets from you. Your hair and your hair line are one of the first features that someone will see and notice. Chances are, if you have a receding hairline, people may assume that you are older than you actually are and that you are going bald. Many people that we see have had the same hair line all their lives, meaning that they do not have a hair loss issue at all, however they would like to improve their hair line to look younger and compliment the shape of their face.

We interviewed Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Wayne M Young to tell us how a DHI Direct Hair Implantation can give you a new look using your own hair with 100% natural looking results.

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What Makes A Successful Haircut?

September 15, 2016

A good haircut, one that matches your personality, your own style, the shape of your face and the nature of your hair or your age is essential. Whether or not you have a full head of thick hair or a receding hair line, a good haircut can have a big impact on your look. If you have resorted to shaving your head due to the extent of your hair loss, then you may be considering a hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation.

In this article we discuss what it takes for a good haircut and what you can do if you are suffering from hair loss and want to take action.

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Understanding Genetics and The Link To Hair Loss

September 5, 2016

Baldness and hair loss are most commonly a result of our genes. But before you go blaming your dad or your grandfather for your thinning hair, an accurate diagnosis is important in order to rule out other (and sometimes reversible) causes such as protein and nutrient deficiencies in your diet, smoking, disease or infection.

In this article, we discuss the link between hair loss and genetics, how to get a correct diagnosis and the various treatment options.

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Stop Spending Money On Hair Loss & Invest In Your Hair

August 23, 2016

Many people spend their lives wasting money on hair loss treatments without first having their hair loss correctly diagnosed.

Our hair plays an important role for us, both physically and emotionally. We know that over 60% of people with hair loss are impacted emotionally – it can affect relationships, confidence and self esteem. We all have those mates with a thick head of hair who love to make those (not so) ‘hilarious’ jokes about going bald.

Are you a regular user of minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia)? Or perhaps you use lotions or shampoos that are supposed to address hair loss or make your hair look fuller? Is it time you stopped wasting your hard earned money on hair loss treatments that don’t work or at best are a temporary solution?

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What Is Growth Factor Therapy For Hair?

August 10, 2016

All men and women will notice thinning hair at some point in their lives. For women, it's usually later in life. If you have noticed your hair thinning and want to take preventative action for your hair loss, the highly experienced team at DHI can help. The most important first step when approaching your hair loss is to get a correct diagnosis. There are many reasons for hair loss and only a correct diagnosis will put you on the right path to an effective treatment.  

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What To Expect After Your DHI Hair Transplant

August 1, 2016

Hair loss is something most people associate with growing older. By the age of 50, at least 50% of all men will be experiencing some degree of hair loss, whether it is a receding hair line, or thinning out on top. If you're a guy who feels like you are just reaching your peak - physically, socially or in your career, the last thing you want is to look older than you feel.

If you have been considering hair transplant options, a DHI Direct Hair Implantation could be the solution to your hair loss problem. It is a safe, effective and most importantly, permanent treatment for hair loss. This article explains the recovery process after a DHI Direct Hair Implantation.

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Hair Transplant Gone Wrong? Donald Trump’s Hair Secrets

July 29, 2016

Relax! We’re not going to talk politics, but rather Donald Trump’s “unusual” hair-do. It has been the subject of much debate and rightly so…..what is going on with that hair!? The strange orangish-yellow sheet of dry fluff is scraped forward then back or sideways, and most astonishing is when the wind gets under it and peels it up in one big mass.

In this article we discuss the secrecy around the head of hair that’s a frontrunner in the race for the world’s worst hair-do and the hair transplant technique that may have made it that way.

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6 Reasons For Female Hair Loss

July 19, 2016

When we hear the words “hair loss” we usually associate it with men, however millions of women also suffer from hair loss. Only 45% of females at 80 years of age have a full head of hair.

The good news is that for women, hair loss is usually treatable and even reversible as the most common causes can be temporary. Throughout life, hair loss for women can be triggered by certain events, for example pregnancy, menopause or stress, following which hair growth usually returns to normal.  However, hair loss can also occur due to genetics and ageing.

In this article we discuss the top 6 causes for female hair loss and the various treatment options.

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